Leather Cords

Braided Leather Cord
Round Leather Cord
Leather Cord

We do this exciting option for all our customers who demand 100% leather. Its application becomes mandatory if the final product is positioned for high end use or more value requires to be delivered to the customer. The cord is made in round as well as flat varieties. The diameter for the round cord starts at as low as 0.5mm and goes upto 6mm. We only use high performance pigments to impart rich texture and sheen to the cords. There is also a vast palette of colors to compliment any fashionable accessory. We even have metallic colors to give a distinguishing look to the final product.

Bolo Cord

These type of leather cords are termed so when you braid the individual leather cord, whether round or flat, to make a fuller braided option. These bolo cords find use in footwear, jewelry, belts, hand bags, hats and apparel accessories. The applications are limitless and they may be potentially exploited in any embellishment. The bolo cords are normally delivered in hank form.

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