Assorted Belts

Washed Canvas Belt
Washed Canvas Belt

We don’t believe in doing the regular mundane formal wear. To get that differentiating factor, one must make a statement to stand out of the crowd and that’s what our belts are about!
We take pride in each and every belt we manufacture. We leave no stones unturned where quality is concerned.
Our belts are mainly handcrafted. They go through strict supervision at every stage for perfection.
We have an array of options to choose from viz. jute, polyester, cotton, leather and their combinations thereof with the best quality of buckles to go along.

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Canvas Belts

Our canvas belt collection is a breath of fresh air. A material so natural but when finely woven for the process of belt making, it transforms the appearance and makes the overall appeal so elite. Perfect for daily wear to add the dash of charm with a simplistic undertone.


Elastic Braided Belts

We have our range of Elastic Belts as well. Made for a perfect and a comfortable fit around the waist, we won’t blame you if you’ll never want to purchase otherwise. Our Elastic Belts comes in both braids as well as in webbing form with host of options to choose from.


Leather Braided Belts

It’s 21st century and also it is the time to take a break from the monotonous formal black leather belt. Try incorporating a zing of playfulness in you with our braided wear. Why to support boring when you can make your own fashion statement.


Textile Braided Belts

We take pride in our collection of textile braided belts. Unique and trendy with designs umpteen! The weave of all our belts vary with each having a spell of its own. Add a touch of glamour to your attire in blink of an eye with our range of belts, especially designed for you.