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Fashion is offered but style comes from within you. With this notion in mind we proceed with our collection.


India Braids Pvt. Ltd. is a quality manufacturer and exporter of fashion narrow fabrics & braided products. Founded in the year 1996, it started with the production of braided cords and moved on to specialize in rigid webbings, elastic webbings, wax cotton cords, canvas and now waist belts.


Our belts comes with many material inputs including cotton, polyester, jute, PU, leather and their combinations thereof, easily customizable.


With rich expertise in the fashion sector coupled with knowledge of yarns and narrow woven fabrics, we are ready to offer a niche variety of fashion belts. Diverse designs and perseverance allows us to take pride in each and every product we manufacture. Our current clientele is in Europe, USA and India.


Customer service and quality is of utmost priority in all our dealings.


Quality & Certifications
We endorse this Quality Management System to enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of the system including processes for continual improvement and the assurance of conformity to customer.
India Braids ISO




The main promoter of the company is Pramit Agarwal, an alumni of IIT Kanpur. Company founded in the year 1996 with woven tapes and braided cords, has expanded to a diverse range of products in its portfolio . His foresight and perseverance has provided strong leadership and a niche for its exclusive range of items manufactured.


Simi Agarwal, a graduate from JJ Institute of Fine Arts has been an integral part of the company since its establishment.  Hailing from arts background, she is the main force behind the creative designs of the textile braids and belts.